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Jari Menari - Tiki Man E.P.

Jari Menari - Tiki Man EP (MZB007)

One half of PJU versus one of half of In Flagranti, here's Jari Menari. These 4 songs  came together during a few hot weeks of summer 2015 in In Flagranti's east London studio. Armed with a complete open mind and tons of ideas they came up with a killer 4 track EP spanning between jacking Chicago house, NY left field disco and general dance weirdness. Opening track Tiki Man features a a rather eccentric girl group "rap" over a slamming percussive beat & jacking bass line, Tanz La Tête features an intense arpeggiated SH101 bass line & a vocal sample sounding like something hidden in Boris Blank's Emu sample bank, Body Conscious is EBM and Afro Beat at the same time & I Want U (But I Want U 4 Myself) sounds like a forgotten NYC left field disco jam recently unearthed. This number features Susumu aka Zongamin on bass.

Enjoy Jari Menari, it's a bumpy but enjoyable ride.

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